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Our History

High Speed Door Services is Christchurch’s leading servicing and repair team for all types of industrial doors. HSDS is owned and managed by Allie and Ray Jones and supported by a dedicated and highly trained team of technicians and engineers. The strong skill set of our team, our experience and combined knowledge is second to none. Meet our team!
Based close to Christchurch Airport we have several service vehicles working around the clock to provide our renown high quality 24/7 Emergency Repair Service. We understand the cost to a business when doors are out of action! With our super-fast response time, we will have your door operational again with minimal disruption to your work flow.
We are the chosen distributor of Efaflex high speed doors based in Germany, the unchallenged industry leader. We have extensive knowledge about these and other high speed doors. Our team have been trained onsite at the German factory for safe installation of high quality Efaflex doors.

Ray and Allie Jones set up High Speed Door Services in 2018.

Ray Jones

Ray has over 35 years’ experience in industrial and commercial doors, and is second to none with his knowledge of the product. 

Ray has worked on many projects including T5 at Heathrow Airport installing the doors in the Control Tower and Energy Centre, Canary Wharf, The Kuwaiti Palace and military bases in Kuwait and the rebuild of Port Stanley Airport hangars in the Falklands, RAF Odiham UK Chinook Force helicopter base and The Channel Tunnel between the UK and France to name but a few of many major projects throughout his career. 

Ray and Allie Jones set up High Speed Door Services in 2018.

Allie Jones

Allie joined High Speed Door Services full time in February 2020 after finishing her contract in Fleet Management and Logistics. Ray and Allie are proud to run a close-knit family business and always strive to do the best for their team and their clients. Staying power and trust is one of their many values in life.

Tony is our Senior Electrician and Door Technician.

Tony Doust

Tony is our Senior Electrician and Door Technician. Life experience has given Tony a ‘Nothing is impossible’-attitude.  Tony is a fully qualified electrician with more than 30 years’ experience. Formerly a member of the Fire Service, this gave him a great respect for safety and duty of care within his trade.

Tony and his wife have a lifestyle property in North Canterbury which he lovingly refers to as his Life-sentence property, but we all know he secretly loves all that No. 8 wire stuff he gets to play with.

Jakob has been with HSDS from day one. 

Jakob O’Neill

Jakob has been with HSDS from day one. 

 Whilst working on the technical side of doors, Jakob’s passion lies with his electrical abilities. He is currently apprenticing to become a fully qualified electrician, and is presently two thirds of his way through. Jakob has the gift of being able to visualise and devise systems with electrical circuitry.  We can always tell when he is going to present a Eureka moment to us, he has that glazed look of concentration and a lack of verbal response happening.

Jakob is also the ‘Computer-Help!!!’- responder of the office saving our sanity on many a day.  

Sean currently leads the technical team at High Speed Door Services.

Sean Aarts

Sean currently leads the technical team at High Speed Door Services. Sean has been a major contributor to the inception of High Speed Door Service.

He apprenticed on roller shutter doors, sectional overheads, fire doors under Ray after leaving school from the time when High Speed Door Services was High Speed Doors owned by Ross Le Breton. Sean has manufactured doors and door parts  as part of his training, and understands the intricacies involved in the inner workings. 

Sean has successfully completed his training of “Advanced Technician” and “Specialist Door Technician” on the German Efaflex doors, currently the highest qualification standards set by German Efaflex. Sean is Dad to 3 small daughters and a son, yet still manages to be the most even tempered one of the HSDS family.

Stacey heads our Sales, and assists with our Administration.

Stacey Aarts

Stacey heads our Sales, and assists with our Administration.  Always smiling with a great laugh, and very customer-centric, Stacey ensures our customers are kept updated with their Safety Inspection and Servicing Schedules as part of our Preventive Maintenance Programme.

Married to Sean, their combination of personality and work ethics, make for a great partnership in the future growth of HSDS.

Hau Fusi aka Rocky - Civil Engineer

Rocky Latu

Rocky is our preferred Qualified Civil Engineer with whom we work alongside for some of our projects. He has vast experience, carrying on his Family tradition of Civil Engineers. Mainly located in the Geraldine/Timaru area, but works closely with HSDS when and where required. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

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