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Preventive Maintenance.
Safety assured.

What is involved in a Safety Inspection?

During a Safety Inspection & Service (SI&S), a qualified HSDS-technician will:

  • Assess all moving parts for wear and damage.
  • Check the spring tension that is holding the door up to ensure the door will not free fall if damage was to occur to the drive mechanism. This happens more often than is comfortable. Read business case here
  • If required, the guides will be cleared of any contaminants or debris and then re-greased.
  • Assess and test all operational and safety features associated with your door to ensure safe operations and identify any potential problems.
  • Important: industrial roller doors need to be inspected every 3 months to ensure safe operation. 
  • Malfunctioning doors are a safety hazard! Avoid costly and dangerous door break downs and order your Safety Inspection & Service today.